Time flies! Since 1976, Sound Safety Products has been providing legendary service to our loyal, diverse, and hard-working clientele. We are so thankful for all of you!

It’s always been a family-affair here. Sound Safety Products was founded in 1976 by Don Van Trojen and his family, sacrificing even the family truck to open its doors in Everett, Washington. Notable first clients were the Boeing Company, and the Alaska Pipeline, believing in Don’s enthusiastic, entrepreneurial vision, and commitment to “doing it right”. Don’s daughters, Cindy Calvert and Wendy Olmstead, acquired the Corporation in 2011, and taking great care to ensure quality products and personal service remain an essential part of each customer experience. We have grown from two, to more than 45 exceptional employees, and “doing it right” still propels our mission.

Work ‘n More was Don’s next great vision! Born in 1981, Work ‘n More was the first to bring the world of safety and workwear direct to the consumer’s hands, in a friendly, well-stocked, retail store environment. Our flagship store is still located at 36th and Broadway in Everett, and remains a client-favorite. Other locations followed; Lynnwood, Tukwila, and our newest in Arlington, WA (opened February, 2019). All of our stores have become a staple in the communities and for those in all the trades.

We’re a nimble, creative company! Through the years we’ve broadened the scope and reach of our professional services. We partner closely with industrial clients seeking a “trusted extra set of hands” on their team, developing customized uniform, safety, footwear, and “corporate-identity” solutions (that’s a fancy way of saying logo’d hats, jackets, polos and the like), via a host of platforms. If an online, private “company store” makes sense, we make it happen! 

If you’re new to us, “thank you” in advance for giving us this opportunity to get to know you!  Our people here really care about “doing it right”, and our customers sense it. We pride ourselves on value-added, win-win relationships, that last for years.  

Thank you for choosing Sound Safety Products, and Work ‘n More!

Cindy Calvert and Wendy Olmstead